When you first start the freebie journey, it can be overwhelming and most of all, confusing. Check out these FAQs about Freebies and Freebie Hunting.

Tips to Freebie Hunting:

  • Be Fast! Freebies are usually limited and go really fast! 

  • Join multiple groups and websites to see ALL the freebies.

  • Don't get frustrated, just ask for help or try again. 

  • Read the fine print and don't give out CC info unless you know what you're getting.

What are Freebies?

Companies have been using freebies as a marketing strategy for years. They know that people love getting free stuff and will tell/share with their friends about it. Word-of-mouth has always been the best advertising and free samples are the best way to do that. And also if you like the free sample, chances are, you’ll become a regular customer. It's a win-win for everyone.

Are Freebies legit?

Most of them you come across are legit. Although, there will always be scammers out there who make up a fake freebie to collect email addresses and phone numbers to sell to other companies as leads (such as insurance and warranty companies). Once you start getting the hang of freebie hunting you'll be able to see the scammers from a mile away

What kind of free stuff can I get?

Freebies and free samples vary in quantity and size. It really depends on what company you are getting it from. PinchMe and Sampler usually give out small samples but other companies like Home Tester Club give out whole refrigerators(in select locations)!

Where can I find freebies?

Read our help guide on finding freebies in 2022.

How often should I hunt for Freebies?

If you want free stuff in your mail everyday then you gotta freebie hunt everyday! Us Freebie Hunters consider this a full-time hobby and we are up all hours of the night because we are just addicted! If you don't have time to delve into freebies full-time, that's okay. You can still get really great stuff in your spare time. It only takes a few minutes per day to scroll through your favorite Freebie Facebook Groups (you can join my group here)

When will Freebies arrive?

Most freebies get delivered in record time, a couple weeks. But some freebies, especially sweepstakes wins, can take months to arrive at your door. But don't fret - just think how you're going to feel when it finally shows up!

Why do all the freebies say Page Not Found?

This is probably because you are claiming a freebie from a Facebook page using a mobile device. Facebook requires that all freebies on their site use a 3rd party app and unfortunately Facebook doesn’t support 3rd party apps on mobile. If you come across this issue, simply go back to the freebie sign up page and click the three black dots in the top corner. Then, click "open in browser" or for Apple devices it will say "open in Safari". The freebie should then open in a new window and you can try again. If none of this works, try using a desktop or laptop computer to open the freebie.